We’re seeing these 3 dress trends everywhere — shop our faves to wear all spring and summer

It’s dress season — and these three trends deserve a spot in your closet. (Nordstrom, Express, Old Navy)

Nordstrom, Express, Old Navy

We are finally getting some warm weather and if you haven’t taken stock of your wardrobe for the season yet — make sure there are plenty of flattering and lively dresses. Not so flattering? Not so lively? Maybe it’s time to do some pruning and add a few contemporary numbers to your closet. Luckily, springtime brings a trio of incredibly wearable dress trends to try out … and we’re spotlighting some of the best. 

1. Collared shirtdresses

A timeless classic that strikes the perfect balance between professional and playful. While the collars make these styles appropriate for the office, you can toss on a pair of sneakers and easily make the buttoned-up style feel more casual. From linen to lightweight cotton, you’ll see shirtdresses in all kinds of fabric this season.

2. Tiered dresses

This is one of our fave overall spring trends of 2024. Not only are these super flowy and comfortable, but the tiers give the simple designs some much-appreciated dimension. They’re perfect for wearing on sweltering days when anything tight is a no-go, and they look just as good on a walk on the beach as they do at a dinner out. 

3. V-neck midi dresses

While scoop and crewnecks are great, there’s no denying that Vs are both flattering and sexy. These below-the-knee options are also ideal for the warmer months when an afternoon at the office turns into happy hour with friends. 

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