This simple long-necked squeeze bottle is just want you need to keep your hanging plants happy and healthy

Ah, gardening season! After the gray days of winter, what a relief to have more sunlight, warmer weather and an abundance of flowers and greenery to lift our spirits. Speaking of lifting, how many of us dread having to water our hanging plants? If you’re short like me, this task likely involves getting a step stool out and hoisting a bulky watering can over your head. But it doesn’t have to — if you have the UpBloom Plant Water Bottle on hand. Its clever design includes a long neck that allows you to reach hanging plants with less strain, and it costs just $16 at Amazon. 

So just how does this funny-looking device work? Simply: The UpBloom is essentially a squeeze bottle with a long, flexible tube extending from the top. You can bend the tube depending on the angle of the plant you’re looking to keep hydrated, making it ideal for high, hanging plants that can be difficult to reach on your own. 

That said, it also comes in handy for lower plants, since you can direct the tube in any direction for better control than you’d get with a hose or watering can. No more simply spraying the leaves with water — now you’ll be able to aim toward the soil.

While the bottle can hold up to 32 ounces of water (lukewarm is recommended by the brand), some reviewers say it’s easier to squeeze when not completely full. This means you might find yourself refilling it after a plant or two, but it’s a small price to pay for more convenience on every other level. 

Keeping your hanging plants hydrated doesn’t have to feel like a chore when you’ve got this nifty-necked bottle to do all of the reaching for you. (Amazon)


On the fence? Here what some of the UpBloom Plant Water Bottle’s 2,100-plus five-star reviewers had to say. 

“This thing works GREAT!” exclaimed one gleeful gardener. “LOVE that I no longer have to do a balancing act while watering upper cabinet plants (probably something a 70-year-old should avoid anyway)!”

“This is one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time!” gushed another satisfied shopper. “I have a large window that is adorned with cacti and succulents. It’s always been a pain to water because I would have to pull everything off the shelf to water those closest to the window. But now with this product, I can maneuver the hose where I want without moving any pots. Even when watering the smallest of pots there’s lots of control so it doesn’t make a huge mess!”

“I love this product!” raved a final fan. “My arms got tired from having to maneuver the watering can for my high-up, hard-to-reach planters. This is a nifty product and worth every penny. The only gripe I have is that I wish the bottle was larger so I didn’t have to refill it after watering each plant.”

And to make quick work of trimming those hedges, look no further:

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