Thank YOU for being a friend: ‘Golden Girls’ toddler visits “The Kelly Clarkson Show”

A toddler with a big bouffant is TikTok’s favorite “Golden Girl” and she gained even more admirers by appearing on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

Back in February 2024, 1-year-old Evelyn Mae’s hairstylist grandmother, Trina King of Dallas, told that she gave Evelyn Mae a “wet set” coiffure. From there, a star was born.

On her TikTok account, Lil Evie Mae, which has millions of views, Evelyn Mae saunters down the sidewalk, drives a toy car wearing a purple sparkly top and carries a purse to hold her Werther’s Original and Strawberry Bon Bon candies. Evelyn Mae also makes a landline call, serves baked goods and delivers a birthday card with some cash inside. Her favorite perfume is Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds.

On May 7, Evelyn Mae and her mom Autumn Mathas, who is also a hairstylist, were guests on “The Kelly Clarkson” where the girl wore a pink pantsuit with a rose brooch.

Clarkson offered Evelyn Mae a cookie but she was far more interested in exploring the stage and talking to the cameramen. “Make yourself at home, Evelyn,” said Clarkson.

Mathas explained how she and King created Evelyn Mae’s look during her first haircut.

“Before we knew it, we were teasing and we had some hairspray and she came out like a little Betty White,” she told Clarkson. Betty White co-starred as Rose Nylund on the 1980s sitcom “Golden Girls.”

King, 52, previously told that prior to Evelyn Mae’s makeover, she had been missing her beauty school days when she learned how to create “wet set” hairstyles.

“It’s when you put gel in the hair and wrap it in small rollers and (set it) under a dryer,” King told “When it’s done, you tease it and smooth it out.”

With mom Mathas’ blessing, King decided to try a wet set on Evelyn Mae. “It was like riding a bike,” she says.

King loved her granddaughter’s hair so much, she posted a video of her on TikTok — then another and another. Everyone got the joke in the comments section.

“Omg I knew I recognized her. She sold me some Mary Kay last week! She also makes a mean pot roast.”“I took a Jazzercise class from her in ‘89.”“Evelyn Mae was my first grade teacher! She hasn’t aged a day!”“Evelyn Mae is running for her third term as chairwoman of local Board of Realtors.”“When Evelyn Mae organizes the church potluck dinner, people at other churches bring food too.”“My Granny said Evelyn Mae copied her Pound Cake recipe when she won first place at the county fair.”“Evelyn Mae always had a handkerchief in the wrist of her coat whenever I cried.”“Evelyn Mae knows all the neighborhood stories! she doesn’t call it gossip.”“I just know she has a cookie tin full of sewing supplies!!”“I need to place an Avon order when she has time.”

On March 7, Evelyn Mae appeared on TODAY with Mathas and King. To the tune of the “Golden Girls” theme song, they walked onto a set decorated like the famous Miami house.

“We’ve been waiting to meet Evelyn Mae for a long time,” said Hoda Kotb.

Hoda asked if Evelyn Mae minded wearing shoulder pads and brooches, adding, “This child is the most well-behaved child.”

“The world is heavy,” Hoda said. “We are tired. And you know what Evelyn Mae just did? She just made everything a little bit brighter.”

Hoda gave Evelyn Mae a TODAY clutch bag packed with Werther’s Originals. “Y’all brightened our day,” said Hoda, adding, “She’s going to look back when she gets older and just crack up — or she’ll be really mad!”

King said she never expected Evelyn Mae’s videos to receive millions of views, adding, ”It’s made so many people happy.”

King says Evelyn Mae needs to be in the right mood for styling.

“We have to make sure she’s in a good mood, has a full belly and takes a nap,” says King, adding that YouTuber Ms. Rachel is a “savior” for getting Evelyn Mae to sit for the 20-minute treatment.

King told that TikTokers have expressed how Evelyn Mae’s videos cheer up people who have lost their grandparents and parents.

“One woman wrote me a private message that brought me to tears,” said King. “She was struggling with her mom’s death and … (after) she asked her mother for a sign … she opened TikTok and saw (Evelyn Mae’s) Werther Originals, her mother’s favorite candy.”

“That touched me,” said King.

“We have so many ideas for videos,” said King. “What a fun ride.”

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