Shop Ina Garten’s favorite pepper mill while it’s 25% off right now

For a celebrity chef with a stunning home, kitchen and high-end appliances, Ina Garten is surprisingly relatable — especially when it comes to her little go-to kitchen gadgets. Case in point: The PepperMate Refillable Sea Salt and Pepper Grinder. Not only does she highlight this easy-to-use pepper grinder on the Barefoot Contessa website, you can spot her using it in so many videos and television appearances. The good news? You can grab it for only $30 on Amazon — that’s 25% off! 

Why is this a good deal?

Pepper mills can retail anywhere from a couple of bucks to hundreds of dollars. Meanwhile, Ina’s preferred PepperMate is on sale for only $30 right now — a full half off its regular price of $40. Not only are you saving cash on this 25% off deal, you’re also going to save money in the long run since buying and grinding your own peppercorns is so much cheaper than buying pre-ground pepper.

Why do I need this? 

That ground pepper in your shaker starts to lose its potency the moment it’s ground. If you’re grabbing a canister from your local supermarket, it’s been losing its flavor — and some of its health benefits — for months. Fresh ground pepper is the only way to go to get the sharp spiciness and lightly floral back note of pepper berries. The PepperMate pepper mill is favored by celebrity chefs from Jacques Pépin to the Barefoot Contessa herself — giving a deliciously potent pepper grind every time. 

Other than Ina’s stamp of approval, the first thing to love about the PepperMate pepper mill is multi-functional it is. Yes, it’s technically a pepper mill, but you can also throw in things like salt, coffee beans and other whole spices. Plus, the ceramic grinding mechanism doesn’t absorb flavors. You can grind coffee beans in the morning and peppercorns in the evening without worrying that your cacio e pepe will taste like Starbucks. 

When it comes to the actual grinder itself, the user-friendly mechanism makes it so easy and quick to use fresh pepper and spices in any of your recipes. Just give it a whirl and then you have fresh pepper with basically no effort. 

Another thing that makes the PepperMate pepper mill so good is that you can adjust just how fine or coarse you want your pepper. There’s even a clear acrylic cup attached to the bottom that catches your fresh grinds — which allows you to scoop out and measure portions perfectly for recipes.

If you need a recipe to get you started, take one from The Barefoot Contessa herself. Back in 2018, Ina shared this video on Instagram her easy (and essential) tip for making delicious homemade croutons — and that’s heating up the oil before you throw in your croutons. And don’t forget to season with a lot of salt and pepper. Can you spot the PepperMate?

If Ina says a kitchen gadget is her favorite, then it must really be good. (Getty)

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What reviewers say

Ina Garten isn’t the only PepperMate pepper grinder devotee. It’s racked up an impressive 4.7 out of 5 stars average rating with nearly 1,800 Amazon shoppers giving it a perfect five-star review. 

“I bought this because I was tired of filling up my olive wood grinder and my wife complained,” wrote one five-star Amazon shopper. “Now this is all we use when we are cooking. She has arthritis. I think an electric would be better but we like this.”

“Works better and puts out more product than any conventional one,” shares a second Amazon customer. “The ceramic gears never fail and the adjustability of the grind is a plus. Very satisfied with purchase!”

“The crank/winder/handle is vastly superior to twisting the top of a traditional mill, and the cup that catches (and stores) the grind is genius,” shares another five-star Amazon reviewer. “In two years, I have probably had to refill this mill eight times, so that’s a lot of grinding.” 

However, the same reviewer did note that their PepperMate has started to wear: “I recently noticed that the upper edges of the cup that detent into the bottom of the mill body have cracked and broken. DING. I value this tool enough that I am just going to replace it right now. I wish I could just buy the cup, but this mill is that good — I don’t mind buying a new one.”

“Often, when you use a salt or pepper grinder in the kitchen your hands are wet and maybe greasy and you have to clean up to take a cap off and work the slippery glass or metal surface to get the job done,” explains a final Amazon shopper and PepperMate lover. “This grinder is … easy and works whether your hands are clean or greasy. And it is exact so you don’t overdue the salt or pepper.” They also added that it is “sturdy and fool-proof.”

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

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