Here’s what we’re grabbing this weekend from Lululemon’s We Made Too Much section

If you’re a fan of Lululemon or someone you love is, you may know that their bestsellers can be hard to come by. And they’re almost never marked down. That’s why we’re always peeking into the We Made Too Much section, so when something great slides in there, we can let you know. Known for being incredibly durable and a wee bit pricey, Lululemon has become the athleisure standard all other activewear is measured up to. There are hundreds of styles, including their infamous Align High Rise leggings (that many brands have tried their hands at duping), that are sought-after by women old and young. There is also a huge collection of menswear that is fit for a workout or a workday.

The prices are jaw-dropping and if you want to get even luckier — as in getting early access to new product drops — get yourself a Lululemon Membership; it’s free! Shop the pieces we’re adding to our cart or shop the entire section. Styles and sizes sell out quickly and prices may vary by color and size. We’re highlighting the lowest starting price below, but be wary that popular sizes and colors are often more costly.

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