Here’s what we’re buying from Athleta’s sale section this weekend — save up to 60%

We love to comb through a good sale section and pick out our favorite items and deals too good to pass up. And we love it even more when the normally hefty price tags are marked down on quality brands we know and love. That is just the case with the Athleta sale section. This athleisure brand is by far our favorite, not just for the cute cuts and premium fabrics but also for their size inclusivity and willingness to call out a good sale when they have one. Like right now, with there 25% off your entire purchase, even sale items. 

As workout wear became everyday wear the hunt for the perfect pair of comfortable leggings became the quest of many women, myself included. I spent a lot of money on high-end brands and have purchased plenty of pairs of Amazon dupes. While I did wind up finding quite a few pairs I really liked, Athleta wound up being the brand that was most consistent and, ultimately, what I came back to again and again. I found that their high-rise legging has just the right amount of compression (tucked in without being tight), a good level of thickness and breathability that makes them as great to exercise in as they are to wear all day long. I’ve even since bought a few pairs as gifts for my favorite ladies in life.  

Athleta can be a bit pricey for its high-quality goods, but unlike some other famous workout brands, Athleta is not afraid of a good sale. In fact, right the early access to their Mother’s Day gift shop gives an extra 25% off your purchase, but the deal ends April 28. There are plenty of newly added items in the sale section, where we can all save up to 60% + the additional 25% off you’ll see at checkout. Prices vary by size and color, the prices shown below are the lowest starting price.

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