22 of the very best first Father’s Day gifts for new dads

First-time parents have a lot to adjust to. Not only are they now responsible for their very-own tiny human, but they have to do it on the least amount of sleep — and with the highest amount of anxiety for keeping said tiny human alive — they’ve ever had. 

It’s no wonder that first-time moms and first-time dads need a little bit of self-care of their own. Sure, everyone loves buying stuff for new babies and even new moms — but we sometimes forget that first-time dads are also dealing with a lot of change. Father’s Day is the perfect time to remind him that just because he’s putting himself second to a tiny human doesn’t mean he can’t still enjoy his favorite hobbies and pastimes that make him feel, well, like himself. 

That’s why we’ve worked to curate an extensive list of some of the very best first Father’s Day gifts. From good books for dads, to a coffee subscription that’ll get him through those long nights, below are T22 of our very favorite gifts for a guy on his first Father’s Day.m

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